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My portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio which shows a sample of my eLearning creations and some of my instructional design assignment work.

Active Directory Quick Course
Created in Storyline, this course features click and reveal content, a guided video demo and an interactive simulation exercise.

Healthy Eating Web App
This is a preview of an educational web app I created  with HTML and CSS (without authoring tools).  There is an interactive quiz and calorie calculator, which I scripted with JavaScript.  The interactive text reveal on page 2 was achieved with CSS only.

Animals in Broadcast Production
This Storyline course features interactive content which I created with triggers, layers and markers. It features a text entry exercise and a scenario quiz to test application of knowledge.

Employee Wellbeing Service
Created in Storyline, this short informative module uses timeline placement and object animation to give the effect of a video.

French Verb Quick Test
This Storyline module tests the learner's verb conjugation skills with interactive drag and drop exercises.  It is intended to form part of a broader language learning program.

Know Your Cities Quiz
This time-limited interactive quiz uses variables to tally up scores and prevent scoring from already correctly answered questions. Markers change state to allow the learner to keep track of progress.

Introduction to Safeguarding
Created in Storyline, this course uses different interactive methods to display content.  It also features a lightbox help guide and a quiz to consolidate learning.

Human Heart Anatomy Quiz
The learner must identify the main parts of the human heart in this interactive quiz, which uses hot spots. Elements of gamification include a score display and dramatic sound effects.

Interactive module storyboard
I created this storyboard as part of the Developing Interactive eLearning course. The brief was to storyboard a module that incorporated a story, interactivity and elements of gamification.  The topic was based on my own experience in information security.

Level 1 course evaluation
This is a sample level 1 course evaluation, which I created during my E-Learning Evaluation and Assessment  course.  It includes a rationale for my choice of questions.

Preliminary Design Document
This was an assignment I completed on the Principles of eLearning Instructional Design course.  It covers performance & target population analysis questionnaires, task analysis, module objectives, assessment criteria and outline of content with interactive techniques & collaborative technologies for a proposed eLearning module.

Project Charter Document
This was an assignment I completed on the Project Management for eLearning Professionals course.  It covers the full planning involved in creating an eLearning solution to replace classroom training.  It includes an executive summary, project description, risks, roles, constraints, deliverables and milestones. 

Video tutorial 

Created in Camtasia 9, this is a short video tutorial covering a common task in an application. I used annotations to highlight areas of focus and other editing features such as extending frames for each new step.